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Eco Friendly Products

Here are a selection of the environmentally friendly products the Applelec Supply have to offer.

However, it doesn't stop there, we also have Eco Friendly Signage and we can Eco Engineer any projects to recommend more sustainable and/or efficient swaps. Get in touch with the team for more information and check out our sustainability page to discover more about our award winning Applelec Eco Pledge.


Need a sign to go with your LEDs?

Did you know...

We are also a trade manufacturer of bespoke signage solutions. With almost 30 years of sign making experience, we can comfortably say we know a thing or two about signage. Coupled with our 6-acre factory and a dedicated team of talented individuals, we pool together our unrivalled expertise, technical knowledge and craftsmanship to deliver high quality, precision manufactured, products, including:

Flat Cut Letters | Built Up Letters | LED Neon | Halo Illuminated Letters | Cabochon Letters | Face Lit | Rim & Return | Block Acrylic | Sign Trays | Fascia's | Projecting | Totems | Display frames | ECO Signage and more...

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