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8mm Grade A, Super High Efficiency LED Ribbon Tape

Through diligent R&D, our super high efficiency ribbon tape delivers a 50% energy saving and a 20% increase in brightness, making this the brightest and most energy efficient ribbon tape LED available on the UK market and available exclusively through Applelec Supply.


  • 227 lm/W super high efficiency

  • 24V DC

  • 120 degree beam angle

  • Variable cut points

Colour temperatures available:

  • 3000k

  • 4000k

  • 5000k

  • 6500k

Energy Savings:

Our Grade A LED Ribbon Tape has many benefits sustainability including saving you energy and in turn yearly running costs. Check out our energy cost comparison calculator to discover how much this product can save you.


Ideal Applications

  • Block acrylic letters

  • Shallow halo letters

  • Shallow rimless letters

  • illuminated flat cuts

  • Applelec LED Light Sheet

  • LED sign refurbishment

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