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Applelec Asta Linear

A series of sleek, LED profiles, Applelec Asta Linear is constructed in extruded aluminium to deliver a streamline, lightweight lighting solution. Applelec Asta Linear is available in specified lengths and profile widths, including the slick 5mm profile option AL.0709, only available from Applelec.

  • Now available with Grade A LEDs

  • Sleek, powerful linear lighting

  • Variety of profiles available, including slick 5mm profile option AL.0709 only available from Applelec

  • High performing LEDs

  • Lightweight construction

  • Versatile application

  • Bespoke construction options

  • Round and straight profiles available

  • Includes surface mounted, recessed, suspended and decorative designs

  • A variety of sizes and profiles available, speak to our team for more information

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