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SloanLED VL4 Super HO

Everyday 12 VDC lighting solution for large, deep channel letters

Expect more.

This next generation LED Lighting solution is perfect for illuminating large, deep channel letters and sign cabinets and boxes. Delivering value and performance in a reliable module that gives you an impressive 54,000 (>54,000 hours to L80 at ≤50°C ambient), 160° radiation pattern for wide, uniform illumination.

  • Class leading light output and efficacy

  • Ideal for large channel letters 125-305+mm (5-12+") deep

  • Available in white 6500k

  • Uses fewer module for fat installation and lower costs per sign

  • Innovative peel-n-stick, perforated, one-piece release tape liner which reduces installation time by up to 30%

  • Lifetime rating: >54,000 hours to L80 at ≤50°C ambient


Warranty: 10 year part and 5 year labour

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