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SloanLED Prism V180

Premium 12V LED lighting solution for small channel letters

180° LED modules

The V180 family of LED modules offers an innovative and efficient design that helps sign makers save time and money. V180 modules feature a patented LED array consisting of 3 diodes placed in an optimal orientation to provide a 180 degree overall viewing angle. The result is brighter, evenly illuminated signs using fewer modules. Stretch spacing is also built into V180 Large and V180 Standard, giving additional flexibility during installation, particularly in creative applications. Sign builders will use less product, lowering installation and operating costs.


  • V180 Large is now brighter

  • Use fewer modules for better illumination

  • Versatile low‑profile modules

  • Constant Current Technology (CCT)

Colours available:

  • White large - 5000k*

  • White standard - 6500k*

*Offers whilst stocks last:

Standard 6500k:

  • £0.59 per module

  • 1 x tray = 62 modules

  • 1 x carton = 5 trays \ 310 modules

Large 5000k:

  • £0.80 per module

  • 1 x tray = 35 modules

  • 1 x carton = 5 trays \ 175 modules


Ideal applications

  • Small channel letters

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