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BrightLine 2 LP

The SloanLED BrightLINE 2 is better than ever at delivering bright, uniform illumination more efficiently with lower energy consumption, allowing for more product per power supply. 

  • Fast and easy to install 
  • Pre-wired system, no soldering or plugging needed
  • Ideal for shallow, single sided, fabric face lightboxes 30-120mm (1.2 - 4.7") deep
  • Ideal for retail environments
  • NEW LP (low power) version optimised for lightboxes at or below 40mm (1.57") deep
  • Balances brightness and product spacing to achieve incredible loading of 44(long) sticks per 100 W power supply
  • Available in 6500k and 4000k for greater versatility in illuminating warm to cool colours and skin tones
  • 50% more product per power supply, without sacrificing brightness
  • Features prism lens technology for bright, even illumination
  • 150 lm/W
BrightLine 2 LP
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