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Latest LED solutions: SloanLED Spectrum RGBW

The SloanLED spectrum RBGW module is the most efficient and powerful RGBW LED solution across the spectrum, delivering a spectrum of beautiful pastel colours.

Its sophisticated engineering and optically clear lenses enables more illumination to leave the module, leading to greater efficiency and a wider distribution of light compared to standard LEDs, whilst still achieving the brightest whites not often possible in a basic RGB module.

Ideal for channel letters 4" - 8" (102-200mm) deep
SloanLED ideal for channel letters


  • Powerful and bright

  • Wide spectrum of colours

  • 10 year labour assisted warranty

  • IP66 rating

  • Lightweight construction

  • 360° light output

  • Excellent thermal management for greater safety

  • Featuring SloanLED’s class leading LED chip technology

  • Optically clear lenses

Lightweight construction
SloanLED Spectrum RGBW dimension

Download the spec sheet

Download PDF • 673KB

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