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Exchange Tower

Situated in a prominent position in the city centre of Edinburgh, the Exchange Tower is a modern office block housing a series of contemporary, open workspaces. As part of a comprehensive refurbishment project, Specialized Signs were appointed to create an eye-catching feature piece and were set the brief to install a series of illuminated, acrylic cube designs to the exterior of the 65,000sq. ft building.

Reaching an average size of 1m x 1.5m, Specialized Signs manufactured each of the acrylic 3D cubes, which were installed at two sections on the office building’s external walls. The first section was located on the front of the office space, over the main entrance way to the Exchange Tower and the second wrapped around the top of the building and scaled the full 80ft height.

The 3D acrylic cubes were lit with 6500K SloanLED Prism LEDs, where around 1000 Prism HO modules were integrated to deliver bright and cool illumination, creating a striking beacon of light at nightfall in the heart of Edinburgh.

Graham Sim, managing director of Specialized Signs said: ‘We tested five different modules all from the big brands and SloanLED’s Prism LED modules performed the best by a long way. We needed a reliable light source that would deliver for the project and were absolutely delighted with the end result.’

Lauren Flint, Head of Lighting Distribution said: ‘Being the brightest and most efficient light option in its class, SloanLED’s Prism LED modules were selected to deliver a wide and even distribution of light. The high quality of the LED modules ensures there is no drop in brightness and that a smooth consistency is maintained across the installation, achieving the premium result required for this project.’

The installation of the bespoke illuminated solution had a tight turnaround of three weeks, which was completed by Specialized Signs.

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