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Flexible LED tubing

The world's first completely flexible LED tubing helps you to create an endless array of profiles, contours and patterns in the field. Ideal for exterior and interior applications such as sign perimeters, letters, symbols, borders, accent stripes and open face channel letters.

  • Colours retain their hue in daytime

  • Can be cut in the field

  • Extremely flexible

  • Optically modified silicone extrusion: UV stable, hydrocarbon insensitive, and non-fading

  • Convenient mounting clips and mounting tracks

  • IP66


  • Ruby red

  • Citrus orange

  • Noviol gold

  • Emerald green

  • Bromo blue

  • Snow white



  • Width - 15mm

  • Base width - 13mm

  • Height - 25mm

  • Lengths - 600mm (2 ft) or 3000mm (10 ft)


Warranty: 5 year product and labour warranty

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