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SloanLED Quantum Power Supplies

30-150 Watt Power Supplies for Wet Locations.

A quantum leap in versatility, safety, and reliability.

The Quantum Series is a complete suite of IP68-rated power supplies that are engineered to deliver quality power and reliability in sign applications of all sizes.

  • European input voltages 200-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz

  • Suitable for wet locations

  • Auto-resetting means there are no fuses to replace or circuit breaker to reset, the short circuit protection automatically resets when the short condition is corrected

  • Simple secondary hook-ups - no minimum load or load balancing required

Available wattage's:

  • 30W

  • 60W

  • 100W

  • 150W


Warranty: 5 year product and limited labour warranty

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