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Applelec FlexLogic

A highly flexible lighting solution, Applelec FlexLogic can be integrated to create stunning illuminated border features as well as wrapped around columns and shaped over different contours for elegant and unique lighting designs.



  • Extremely flexible LED solution, with 90mm bending diameter

  • Powerful LEDs delivers powerful illumination

  • High colour consistency and no spotting

  • Variety of monochromatic colours

  • Available in a wide choice of LED options from 2200K to 6500K to RGB, RGBW and RGBW Addressable

  • Continuous length up to 20m (R, A)/ 15m (G,B,W) by powering one end

  • Profiles can carry IP68 and IK08 ratings

  • Fire and saltwater resistant

  • Ideal for both internal and external applications

  • Environmentally friendly & energy efficient

  • 5 years life span (Do not continuously operate over 8 hours per day)

  • Ends can be finished with an injection-moulded connector, creating an IP68 seal with a rear, side or top-end exit wire.


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