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SloanLED PosterBOX Slim 2 (Gen 1)

Side illumination for shallow or narrow light boxes

PosterBOX™ Slim 2 washes light across single and double‑sided displays using FanFlare™ lens technology that optimizes the light inside the box. The result is uniform light without the stripes associated with fluorescent tubes. The narrow silhouette of the side mounted modules makes PosterBOX Slim 2 an excellent option for single‑sided sign cabinets as shallow as 2 inches and double‑sided cabinets as shallow as 4 inches.

  • PosterBOX Slim 2 is 40% brighter than PosterBOX Slim

  • Excellent white light intensity and uniformity

  • Optimal for applications as shallow as 2 inches, e.g., indoor textile prints, movie posters, and cabinets using FlexFace®

Once its gone its gone, so grab yourself a bargain whilst stocks last.

Offer price
  • 5000k (Gen 1) = £2.94 per module

  • 1 x bag = 32 modules 

  • 1 x carton = 4 bags / 126 modules

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